Do you own digital content?

Business Spectator - 7 September 2012

The story so far has Bruce Willis at loggerheads with Apple over the right to pass on his vast digital music collection when Bruce takes on an action hero role in heaven.

The epic has gone viral and appears to have been a rumour that got out of control.

The next generation of digital assaults

Business Spectator 22 November 2012

Imagine trying to connect to the network and finding that you cannot. It’s a frightening scenario that could play out sooner than you think given the technologies being developed and deployed today.

Turnbull's GST on a Birthday Cake Moment

In a response to an article about the MyBroadband failure, the Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull provided a GST on a Birthday Cake moment. Turnbull's faux pas is discussed in the weeks article on Technology Spectator.

The NBN twilight zone

The Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull's startling admission at the recent CommsDay NBNRebooted event held in Sydney is a cause for concern because up to 30 per cent of premises are being left in limbo by a decision not to connect them to the National Broadband Network.

Active Online Security Measures for Business

Australian businesses are under constant threat from criminals that utilise the inherent features of infrastructure and systems connected to digital networks—and the rate of cyber-attacks is increasing. Active measures that Business can employ to combat cyber-crime are discussed in CSO this week.

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Telcos caught in a security firefight

The Federal governments draft amendment to the Telecommunications Act aims to force Telcos to implement security reforms that will compel the Telcos to hand over confidential information about their networks. What the changes will mean to the Telcos is discussed in Business Spectator.

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The CVC price is right for NBN Co

The announcement by NBN Co that a new CVC charge model would be introduced in June was discussed in The Australian this week. NBN Co is seeking to motivate the industry to move customers onto the NBN at higher speed tiers. Will the strategy work? For the next two years the telecommunications industry will have to accept the decision and seek to find solace in the discounts being offered.