Wardriving and surviving: who else is using your Wi-Fi?

By Mark A Gregory, RMIT University

Late last month the Queensland Police started a new project to highlight the urgent need for secure wireless internet connections.

The “wardriving” project involves police driving the streets of Queensland, searching for unsecured Wi-Fi coming from houses and businesses.

Qantas drops in-flight Wi-Fi – the NBN to the rescue?

By Mark A Gregory, RMIT University

The trial of in-flight Wi-Fi on six Qantas Airbus A380s flying between Melbourne, Los Angeles and London has ended, following an announcement by the carrier last week.

Free Wi-Fi for everyone everywhere (maybe)

By Mark A Gregory, RMIT University

The Washington Post reported on February 4 that the US federal government wanted to create super Wi-Fi networks across the USA.

Free public Wi-Fi in Melbourne: what's in it for the providers?

By Ian McShane, RMIT University and Mark A Gregory, RMIT University

Is Telstra Wi-Fi anti-competitive?

Telstra’s nationwide Wi-Fi network has recently been launched amidst some confusion over infrastructure ownership, payments and access to facilities funded wholely or in part by the universal service obligation.