Abbott's copyright kowtow a step backwards

The discussion this week in Business Spectator revolves around how the Abbott government has caved in to sustained pressure from the US media industry and introduced copyright laws into parliament that appear to have the sole purpose of stamping out the rebellion against delayed access to content and rip-off prices. Was it a coincidence that the Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull introduced the

Telecommunications Association NBN Presentation 28 April 2015

One 28 April 2015 at 12:30pm, I will be giving a presentation on the NBN at the monthly Telecommunications Association Lunchtime Seminar to be held at the Telstra Conferencing Centre, Level 1 / 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000. For further information and how to attend please register here.

Keeping the lid on NBN discontent

No news is good news for Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull in his efforts to keep a lid on simmering discontent. The NBN's slipping behind further and further and what Australians are being provided for $43 billion is looking rather shallow. What is happening is discussed in Business Spectator and the picture is bleak.

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NG-PON2 is a technology that could turbocharge the NBN

NBN Co's failure to continue rolling out FTTP and to adopt second generation NG-PON2 when it becomes available in early 2016 is discussed in Business Spectator to identify how NBN Co is moving down a path that can only lead to Australia having a second rate obsolete copper access network at a time when our competitors are moving towards all fibre access networks.

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NBN Co's Technology Change Program nothing more than a rip-off

In Business Spectator NBN Co's Technology Change Program is shown to be little more than window dressing to provide substance to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's shallow promise that FTTP would be available to those that want it.

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Fifield needs to take the lead on Universal Service

Senator Fifield's new role as Communications Minister provides an opportunity for him to take leadership and ownership of a broad review of Universal Service provision in Australia but the review foreshadowed by the former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, and former Optus executive, Paul Fletcher has yet to materialise and in Business Spectator the focus is on why it is time for Fifield to step up and take c